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Ashdown Lodge Trial Day

Moving into a care home is one of the hardest decisions you will have to make. You know that the care and support a care home can give you is much needed but will the care home of your choice be right for you?


That is why at Ashdown Lodge we offer you and a companion a free of charge Trial Day to help you make that decision.


An Ashdown Lodge Trial Day will give you the opportunity of experiencing a typical day at Ashdown Lodge and to meet our dedicated care team. It will also give you the chance of talking to your fellow residents.


At the start of the day we will welcome you with a cup of coffee or tea followed by a short tour of the care home and its facilities.  You will be shown a typical resident's room which, of course, may be personalised by you to your own choice.  


You will also be able to experience the following:-


*  A seated physio or exercise session.

*  A pre-lunch "tipple" of your choice

*  Lunch - freshly prepared using locally sourced produce.

*  An afternoon activity


The day will end with High Tea - a trolley service serving a selection of hot and cold nibbles and a freshly brewed cup of afternoon tea.  


Throughout the Trial Day you will have the opportunity of talking to the Registered Manager and her support team of qualified carers all of whom are happy to answer your questions and give advice when needed.  


You may book an Ashdown Lodge Trial Day without obligation.  All you have to do is simply give us a call on 01903 785251 and we will make the necessary arrangements with you.  Alternatively you may email us on


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